sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013

On Intellectual Property Day 2013.

Creativity knows no boudries, the chalange is to align the criative flows to benefit the human development, and it obviously implicates changes on status quo globally. Following the same thought, the chalange for WIPO and least developed countries, like Mozambique specially, should be to stablish Intelectual Property knowledge platform inside or integrated in the national education system.

sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013

Press Release - Comunicado De Imprensa

Project Life Mozambique suspended from April 18, 2013.

The suspension of the project Life Mozambique  is due to debts and cash flow problems that  GRINGO, Lda has - Making it not possible to continue to finance the social responsibility project  without first settling the total debts to third parties, Mozambican Government included.

Noted that the current inability to capitalize on the company's intangible assets in Mozambique, penalties and unfair fines by the Mozambican Government also contributed to the suspension of the project.

"We believe that the Government of Mozambique will know how to take responsibility that never ceased to be theirs mainly, to support the help centers for children in Mozambique. We hope to one day reactivate the project Life Mozambique, when the company has paid all the debts to the third parties, and solved the cashflow problems. As it does not make sense to do charity while not paying the debts incurred over the years. We are aware that we gave our best for as long as possible, but unfortunately failed" - Abdul Karim Executive Director

Projecto Vida Moçambique suspenso desde 18 de Abril 2013.

A suspensão do projecto Vida Moçambique ‘e derivado as dividas e problemas de liquidez que a GRINGO, Lda tem, não sendo possível por isso continuar financiar o projecto de responsabilidade social sem antes liquidar o total dos dividas para com terceiros, incluindo o Governo de Moçambique.

De referir que a impossibilidade actual de capitalizar o activo intangível da empresa em Moçambique, as penalizações e multas injustas que tem sofrido por parte do Governo de Moçambique também contribuíram para a suspensão do projecto.

"acreditamos que o Governo de Moçambique saberá assumir a responsabilidade que nunca deixou de ser sua também e principalmente, de sustentar os centros de apoio a criança em Moçambique. Esperamos um dia voltar a reactivar o projecto Vida Moçambique, quando a empresa tiver pago as dividas com terceiros, e resolvidos os problemas de liquidez. Pois não faz sentido fazermos caridade não pagando as dividas contraídas ao longo desses anos, temos consciência que demos o nosso melhor, tentamos ate onde foi possível mas lamentavelmente falhamos" – Abdul Karim Director Executivo.

quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

Ideas & Possibilities To Be Worked - GRINGO - 1st Exiled Brand Worldwide

Considering the current situation, we should be starting to work on some possibilities for the near future, as it's almost impossible to continue working in Mozambique due to chronic problems within our country of origin. 

2- Decision Deadline In Mozambique: 07th April, 23.59.59h. 

3- Options For Country: Open.